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------About the game------

Just like any other day, I take the train from Station 4 to Station 7, and take the monorail to Greenclow Labs.

Today we'll meet our new research leader. I heard that he's quite weird, but he knows a lot about the obj-

Just like any other day, I take the train from Station 4 to Station 7...


Move around with A and D or the arrow keys.

When pointing at an interactable object, the cursor will change its appearance. Click on these objects to interact.


A game made by Carlitosh636 (@Carlitosh636)

Glitch effect: game3Dover
Font: "Orange Kid" bt Typodermic Fonts
"The Order's theme", " Growing Shadows", "Underworld", all by Myuu (@Myuusic)
Sound effects from https: www.zapsplat.com

Install instructions

Read the instructions here on the page or in the Read Me file.

Extract the zip and run "Your Last Obsession.exe"


Your Last Obsession.zip 42 MB


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Excellent Game! I love the story that goes into this game! The visuals and the atmosphere is awesome! I even noticed that there were some chit chat in the background when I was waiting for the train in the train station! I wish there was more!!! With a garbage-like computer, I really appreciate these simple games! However I really do wish there was more gameplay than reading. Not only that but this game feels more like a horror game. So if the developers were to add some horror aspects then this game would be even better! It kinda reminds me of the horror game called SOMA as I progress more into the game. I hope this review helps out a lot! Thanks for making an awesome game! Keep up the good work!


Awesome game! Here's my video on it I included the link to your game in the video! Feel free to incorporate my video into your games listing if you would like!!

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I just got done recording this for a video on my YouTube channel and it was a great game. The plot flowed smoothly, the puzzles weren't hard at all, and the sound effects+visuals made it way better. Only criticism is both the endings seem to eventually lead to the same fate of humanity. Besides that great job.

edit:added part 1 of video.


Thanks! I intended both endings to be kinda pessimistic, because my main inspiration were Lovecraft tales. However my next game (which will be a "continuation" of this one) will have more positive endings (and a lot of new features, of course).